NEW IN: Blazing & Sweet Lace


The Blazing and Sweet Lace styles are arriving with the latest drop of
our capsule collection with Paula Cademartori.
Feminine shoes with bold personality for the modern woman with contemporary tastes.


Following on from the success of the first capsule collection, thanks to the creation of an iconic shoe with bold, unmistakeable personality - the Spicy Ballet - Scarosso has decided to continue its partnership with the established designer Paula Cademartori.

The Blazing and Sweet Lace styles are joining the collection, which are a pair of 2-inch slingbacks and wedges with rope sole respectively.

The entire collection exudes a refined feel that is extremely eclectic and ageless, designed to be perfect for various times during a woman’s day, yet with a keen eye on comfort and versatility.

The Scarosso by Paula Cademartori styles are like magical sweets with the power to transform looks and adapt to any situation with sophisticated femininity.


All the styles have been designed to enhance women’s feet through cut-out effects, closed-toe and open-toe uppers, and the use of different, contrasting materials and layered detailing, such as mirrored-effect leather, crocodile prints and suede, as well as accessories like micro-studs, bows and fringing.

The details of the shoes have been meticulously designed, the undulating accents and cut-outs are all embellished with detailing, providing beautiful decoration yet also distinguishing the control of the fit, and the toe of the Spicy Ballet and the Blazing styles slims the shoe and thus the foot.

Even the palette is in keeping with the mood of the collection, flaunting a kaleidoscopic spectrum that ranges from mirrored-effect silver and gold to bolder tones like emerald greens, bright reds and turquoises, and even incorporating dusty pastels in shades of coral, mint green and wisteria.

Blazing & Sweet Lace

Spicy Ballet

Spicy ballet, the first capsule collection between Scarosso and the designer Paula Cademartori.
The result of a desire to evolve to meet the ever changing tastes of the public,
without ever compromising the brand’s identity.
The result is a shoe with bold personality, yet a versatile, feminine feel.

The Spicy ballet ballet flats are available in various colours and materials, with bold,
stylish details that add sensual allure to the wearer, yet have kept their strong
sophistication and elegance.
It is all reinterpreted with delicate taste, a sharp sense of design and a contemporary feel.

Spicy Ballet