Holiday Season

Let the festive season begin!


One family, different styles.
Tell us who you're shopping for,
and we’ll tell you what they'll love.

Finance Freddy

Paid enough to overwork. Knows each and every fancy restaurant in town.
Owns more shoes than all the family members put together.


It-girl Emma

The one who never has anything to wear yet has a closet FULL of clothes.
She will make her starving relatives wait until she has the perfect shot of the dinner table.


Artsy Arthur

He’s not afraid to mix it-up and can pull off pretty much any piece of clothing
and style it like no one else.
He thinks out of the box and loves a good concert.

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Gilded Aunt Grace

The ones who are never on time but always look on point.
The ones who start trends without even trying. Everyone is hoping they are their secret santa
and wish to someday inherit their closet.


Jetsetter Greg

The ones who are always planning their next escape. He prefers silence to small talk.
Find him out on the terrace soaking up some alone time with a glass of whiskey.

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A-type Amanda

The ones who love matching their significant other's outfit and whose
idea of a relaxing Sunday is to plan out the week ahead.
Have already gotten everyone matching socks for Christmas.

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