Let's break the rules with our new running sneaker


There's no doubt about the fact that sneakers have come a long way in the last century following a process of casualization of menswear. In line with this Running Sneakers have become a must have in every gentleman’s shoe arsenal. That's why we've decided to invest in the development of a product with a hybrid design that marries the heritage of our shoe craftsmanship with the technology of hi-tech sneaker advancement.


We've chosen best-in-class Italian sole maker Vibram in order to provide a sole able to guarantee the highest levels of stability, thanks to the thermoplastic “anti-torsion” support located on the heel, and the highest performance and grip levels thanks to the “self-adaptive lug” technology of the rubber section.


The upper features a combo of lightweight calfskin, suede and nubuck crossed by specially knitted fabrics sourced from the most responsible and well-established Italian tanneries. The result is an ergonomic sneaker that we are proud of and that can be effortlessly matched with any look and style, at any time.

Matthew cognac


Matthew white


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