The Giancarlo is our most-popular Chelsea boot style. It features a plain upper, pointed toe and leather sole with a non-slip half rubber insert. With its elegant, understated aesthetic, this is a menswear classic.


The Giacomo shares its understated design and pointed toe with the Giancarlo, but has a rubber one-piece sole, which is particularly good for walking on wet terrain in the autumn/winter.


The Leonardo has the same pointed shape and the same rubber one-piece sole as the Giacomo, yet features a shorter leg, for a more casual aesthetic.


The Eugenio features an enveloping, pointed toe with a decorated apron on the upper and a particularly supple rubber sole. Comfortable and understated, it is perfect for between seasons.


The Enzo is a style with a plain upper, pointed toe and a solid leather sole with a rubber insert in the centre. It is the hand-antiqued leather crafted by our artisans that make it stand out and render every pair unique. An exclusive product that is a hit with people who are in the know.


The Hunter is a Chelsea boot with a plain upper, rounded toe and a solid rubber Vibram sole. The suede is oiled by our artisans to create an original aesthetic that is purposefully rustic.


The Keith features a full-brogue upper with a rounded toe and Vibram rubber grip-fast sole that is perfect for cold, wet weather. Perfect for anyone looking for a bold look.