Once upon times


The story that we are about to tell is the story of a capsule collection, created at the behest of both companies involved, with Scarosso on the one side, which has decided to bring its modernity to the collaboration, and a historic name when it comes to Made in Italy products and Italian craftsmanship on the other, Lanificio F.lli Cerruti. Thus the goal of the capsule collection is to bring out the strength of the most current Italian design and craftsmanship, by distinguishing it with the roots of a company that made what it means to be Italian famous around the world. Ours is a story of heritage. Of fashion pathways and places devoted to tradition that is always current. Of dedication. It is the story of an Italian fairy tale. Modernised. Made current. Unique.


Pinstripe White. A tireless globe trotter. The true example of how classic means always current. After all, isn’t this the very essence of what Made in Italy represents? A timeless dynamic quality.


Saxony Brown. The class and elegance of the true protagonist. As enveloping as dandy fabric. Strong as the men of old. Ready to make history once again.


Havana Cognac. In every good story, there are those who weave the plots. The tailor. This is what the third character in “Once upon times” represents. The made-to-measure fit, which is always the perfect companion of every other protagonist.

Lanificio F.lli Cerruti X Scarosso