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and get immediately its benefits!
How it works?
  • 1. Create or log in to your personal account on Scarosso website
  • 2. Everytime you make a purchase you will collect some loyalty points
  • 3. Collect points and try to reach our highest club level to access more benefits
  • 4. Every 500 points, you will get a 25€ promo code. All the promo codes are cumulative
How to get points? Discover our 3 Club Levels:
Up to 1000 points
1€ = 1 point
Every 500 points, you get a 25€ cumulative promo code,
Free shipping over 150€
From 1000 to 2000 points
1€ = 2 points
Every 500 points, you get a 25€ cumulative promo code,
Free shipping over 150€
From 2000 points
1€ = 3 points
Every 500 points, you get a 25€ cumulative promo code,
Free shipping always
Read the full Scarosso Club regulation:


The Scarosso Club is an exclusive Loyalty Program reserved to all our registered customers. You just need to create an account on Scarosso website to officially become a member of the Club!

Everytime you make a purchase on our website, you will get some loyalty points (check the section "How to get points?" for more details). For every 500 points collected, you will receive a 25€ off promo code which you can use when purchasing on the official Scarosso online store.

Did you get a new 25€ off coupon code without using the previous one? Don't worry! Loyalty coupon codes can be cumbined and used together with your next order!

So far it doesn't seem so bad, no?
But Scarosso wants to reward its most loyal customers with an extra gift!

How? It's quite easy!

As a registered customer you will have access to the Club as a Standard member.
The more points you are able to collect, the sooner you will reach one of the thresholds, that will enable you to access the next 2 Scarosso Club levels: Gold with 1000 points collected, and VIP with 2000 points collected. Each new group will enable you to collect points faster than the previous one, giving you exclusive access to a wider variety of services, promotions and events.

Keep reading to learn more about the Scarosso Club program!


The Loyalty Program promotion is valid online at
This Loyalty Program is not valid in our stores or temporary pop-up shops.


To collect points, be sure to log into your account, at, before completing a transaction. After a transaction is completed and its sales receipt is delivered, there is no way to retrieve the points related to that order if you purchase as without logging in.

Depending on their level, all the members of the Scarosso Club will receive loyalty points as follows:

SC Loyalty Club Points

Points are earned in respect of the total net order amount, including delivery charges. Points are calculated on the rounded down total net value of the order. The outstanding balance can be checked in the section “Your Account” on and is refreshed every 24 hours. All the actions that generate points can be accessed directly in the “Your Account” section. Certain actions may be accessed only in a specific period of the year. Customers will be assigned to the Loyalty Program levels twice per month.

3a. Purchases with Gift Cards

If you purchase with a Gift Card you will only earn points for the value of the transaction exceeding the value of the Gift Card.

3b. Points, Promo Codes & Returns

The points related to a specific order will not be charged immediately. They will remain pending until the return period has expired. Please note that - if the points coming from that order will enable you to get a 25€ off promo code - also this promo code will be pending until the return period of that order has expired.
After that period, they will be approved and charged to the total, you can always check within your "My Account" section. In case of returns instead, the points related to the returned products will be subtracted from the total.

3c. Discount vouchers used when purchasing a product

If you purchase using a discount voucher or a promo code, you will only earn points for the value of the transaction exceeding the value of the discount voucher.

3d. Exchange rates with other currencies

Points for orders purchased in currencies different from € can be gained according to the following exchange rates:

  • 1€ (Euro) = 1 Point

  • 1£ (GBP) = 1 Point

  • 1$ (USD) = 1 Point

  • 1 CHF = 1 Point

  • 10 SEK = 1 Point

    As a Scarosso Club member, you will receive a 25€ off promo code every 500 points earnt. These promo codes can be used online at They can be used to purchase full priced products only with a minimum order value of 100€ and cannot be used on sale items. They cannot be cumulated with other promotions or promo codes, only loyalty promo codes. You can use multiple loyalty promo codes together.

    All available promo codes will be listed in the section “MyAccount” on Every promo code can only be used once.
    The promo code is associated with a specific account and can be used only with the email used during account registration.
    The promo code cannot be transferred to other users. The promo code is valid for 365 days after creation. Promo codes cannot be converted into cash.

    5. PRIVACY

    Customers taking part in the initiative by registering with the Scarosso Club give their consent to the processing of their personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


    For any further questions or doubts on our Loyalty Program or your personal status, our customer service is available and can be contacted through this link.
    If you want to unsubscribe from our Loyalty Program, our Customer Service Team will assist you.