The Philosophy Of Quality


Handcrafted with passion and dedication by master artisans in Italy.
Our products are built around the converging disciplines or art, traditional techniques and today's technology.


We believe a combination between effortlessness and class is the perfect foundation for being dressed for every day and for every occasion.

Our customers, people who appreciate quality and timelessness over a brand stamp, have the right to get those shoes at a smart, reasonable price, without paying for all the middlemen who take a cut without enhancing the product.

We produce handcrafted shoes in family-run manufactories in the heart of Italy`s shoe region Marche.
In the small city of Montegranaro lays the knowledge of the artisans passed from generation to generation, yet everyone has his own unique story.

From cutting and sewing to the final boxing, we are creating high-quality products in every step.
Our premium shoes are distinguished by a multitude of details and reinforcements, guaranteeing years of satisfaction for their owners.
At Scarosso, we go above and beyond to ensure the perfect shoe fit. A shoe last is the piece that gives our shoes its unique look.