The Philosophy of Quality


In Montegranaro, Italy, boutiques display high-end shoes handmade by neighbouring shoemakers, just a few doors down the street. They are classics and reasonably priced. Those same shoemakers are the manufacturers of choice for the largest fashion houses in the world and those same shoes get sold for several times the price you can find them in Montegranaro. We believe our customers, people who appreciate quality and timelessness over a brand stamp, have the right to get those shoes at a smart, reasonable price, as they would in Montegranaro, without paying for all the middlemen who take a cut without enhancing the product.

Construction Methods

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"Classic Shoes With Modern Edge"


Handcrafted with passion and dedication by true artisans in Italy.
Products are built around the converging disciplines or art, traditional techniques and today's technology. From High-end products, with fair pricing, to handcrafted unique models made with passion and dedication by true artisans, this is what makes Scarosso today.

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A modern take on men's and women's high-end shoes and accessories, combining traditional techniques with creativity and innovation to craft timeless pieces for every occasion.