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Milano Montenapoleone


The slip-on last ‘Milano Montenapoleone’ is an Italian inspired last which is designed exclusively for loafers. Shoes crafted on this last have an elongated toe with a rounded square finish and are very comfortable at the tip. A good fit in slip-on shoes is always more difficult to find than in laced shoes since the shoes have to grip the foot without any methods of adjustment such as laces but thanks to his low instep our men’s loafers made on this last provide a good fit. This Italian loafer last is used for several of our styles as such as our 'Duccio' loafers and our 'Aurelio' loafer. Shoes made on this last have a double sole construction or a lighter construction perfect for summer days. Please check out our size guide for further information.

Aurelio Camouflage II

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Duccio Nero Leggero

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Duccio Abisso Scamosciato Leggero

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