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A shoe last is the piece that gives our
shoes its unique look, take a look
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Sportiva Donna


The ‘Sportiva Donna’ is an Italian sport inspired last with a slightly rounded toe and a roomy toe instep area. This last is a comfortable and sturdy choice, paired with a rubber sole it is perfect for casual models such as our Italian women’s sneakers. Shoes made on ‘Sportiva Donna’ run generally true to size and this last is used for example for our 'Lea', 'Gabriella' and 'Asia' sneakers. Please check out our size guide for further information.

Lea Bianca Cervo

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Lea Nera Cervo Intensa

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Lea Argento Metallica

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Handcrafted with passion and dedication by true artisans in Italy. Products built around the
converging disciplines or art, traditional techniques and today's technology.

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