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Oxford shoes made its first appearance in the 1840s when men switched from boots to low-cut shoes.
One of the most timeless, classic and versatile shoes a man or woman can have. It is the best shoe to pair with tuxedos, business suits and even informal suits; the go-to shoes for black tie events.
The shoes come in an array of variations: from brogues to whole cuts and even cap toes. However, the one feature that all Oxfords have is the closed lacing system in which the throat is closed at the bottom.

A cap toe is the most important style which should be incorporated into every man's wardrobe, it features an extra piece of leather on the toe. A plain Oxford is favoured as evening shoes as they are usually produced in patent leather, ideal to pair with a tuxedo. Very similar to a cap toe Oxford but it lacks the cap toe. A brogue Oxford includes perforations or broguing, there is the full brogue which has a wingtip that looks like a 'W' with perforations all around the shoe. There is also the semi-brogue which is defined with a cap toe with a medallion.


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