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A laceless shoe with an exposed ankle with a moccasin-like welt on the vamp, but it has sole and a heel like Oxfords.
There are two famous kinds of loafers, the tassel loafer and the penny loafer. The Tassel loafer is called this way as it features dangling tassels, they come in different variations as sometimes the tassel is only attached to the top or in some shoes the tassels are looped all around. More dressy than a penny loafer.
Penny loafer was invented in the United States of America and was really popular with Ivy League students in the 1950s. During exams, the students would stick a shiny lucky penny into the cut-out of the leather strap on the upper. This style is particularly popular in cordovan leather, suede and in shades of brown. It is the perfect off-duty shoes, especially in summer.

Raimondo Cognac

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Duccio Abisso Scamosciato Leggero

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