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Shoe Care Guide

How to clean your leather shoes step by step

We all know that focusing on quality when purchasing a pair of shoes will benefit you in the long run, especially when they are cared for properly. Our product manager has collected some tips and tricks for you on how to take care of your leather shoes, step by step.

1. Prepare For Cleaning

Place sheets of newspaper on your work surface to prevent any damage. Consider removing the laces from your shoes to protect them from dirt during the cleaning process and to facilitate a thorough polish of the arch and tongue.

Use a large horsehair dust brush to effectively remove dust. Concentrate on the arch and tongue to ensure a thorough cleaning.

2. Apply Wax

After ensuring your shoes are dry, use the small polish dauber to apply wax in circular motions. Focus on the toecap and back of the shoe, applying a generous amount.

Repeat this process up to three times for optimal results.

3. Give The Last Finish

Achieve a shiny finish for your shoes by dampening a black cloth with water and applying the wax. Employ circular motions to create a mirror-like shine effect.

For an added touch, moisten the dry side of the cloth and rub with straight movements to enhance the finish.


Scarosso Shoe Care Kit

Our Scarosso Shoe Care Kit consists of 7 essential shoe care products which if applied correctly will treat your plain leather shoes in the perfect way:

• Dust Brush made of horse hair • Deluxe Wax in natural colour • Polish Dauber with natural dark bristles • Soft Black Cotton Cloth • Red Shoehorn made of Iron • Step-by-step Shoe Care Guide • Dark grey storage bag made of high-quality deerskin


Scarosso’s Shoe Tree

A top tip for a smooth cleaning process: use a shoe tree - it allows you to work with perfectly even leather. Shoe trees are not only useful for the cleaning and drying process but are also an essential tool for storing and maintaining your leather shoes.
Oh, and one more top tip from us: never place your leather shoes next to a heater or in the sun!