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The perfect men's dress shoes for every occasion.

Explore essential shoes for every men's wardrobe and gain exclusive insights into your favorite styles, ensuring your footwear collection is always on trend.


Oxfords, introduced in the 1840s as low-cut shoes, stand the test of time as versatile classics. Suited for tuxedos, business attire, and casual wear, they are indispensable for black-tie affairs. With variations like brogues, whole cuts, and cap toes, all Oxfords share a closed lacing system. The cap toe style, featuring additional leather on the toe, is a wardrobe essential. For evening events, plain Oxfords in patent leather, especially paired with a tuxedo, exude sophistication. Brogue Oxfords offer further style choices, available in full brogue (wingtip 'W' pattern) and semi-brogue (cap toe with a medallion).


Introducing a laceless shoe with an exposed ankle, featuring a moccasin-like welt on the vamp, coupled with soles and heels reminiscent of Oxfords. Among the two renowned types of loafers, the Tassel loafer stands out with its dangling tassels, available in various styles, including those looped around the shoe. It exudes a more formal aura compared to the Penny loafer. Originating in the United States in the 1950s, the Penny loafer gained popularity among Ivy League students who would insert a shiny penny for luck into the cut-out leather strap during exams. This style, especially in cordovan leather, suede, and shades of brown, epitomizes the perfect off-duty footwear, ideal for summer wear.

Monk Strap Shoes

Monk shoes, a timeless classic, are defined by decorative metal buckles. They come in single strap monks with a solitary leather strap and buckle, as well as double strap monks with two straps and buckles. Exceptionally versatile in comparison to Oxfords and Derbies, this shoe style seamlessly complements both casual and formal attire. For an elegant and stylish addition to every men's wardrobe, consider a dark brown double monk with full brogue, pairing impeccably with suits crafted from wool or tweed.

Derby Shoes

The Derby, introduced in the mid-19th century, distinguishes itself from Oxford shoes by adopting the open lacing system, where the quarters with lacing overlay the smooth vamp. This unique feature defines the Derby and sets it apart from Oxfords. With a more informal appeal, Derby shoes are perfect for pairing with chinos, jeans, and other casual outfits. Opt for a black Derby for a formal and classic look, while a brown pair adds a touch of casual sophistication. Ideal for individuals with wider feet, the open lacing provides extra comfort and flexibility.


The 1950s marked the ascent of sneakers as a favored choice among the youth, evolving over time from the playing court to the fashion runway. This transition from subculture to mainstream is intricately linked to the expansion of Hip Hop culture. Today, sneakers seamlessly integrate into everyday wardrobes, offering an ideal footwear option for men and women constantly on the move. With a range of cuts including high, mid, and low tops, as well as options for lace-up or slip-on styles, sneakers have diversified in design. This versatility now extends to the workplace, making them suitable for various office settings.


Shoes that belong in every wardrobe, especially for when the temperature drops. Characterized by a high ankle, boots typically feature a double leather sole, and the outsole is often crafted from water-resistant material, making them ideal for challenging weather conditions in both urban and rural settings. Despite their casual nature, carefully chosen boots can transition seamlessly into formal occasions. The main boots categories include classic lace-up boots, desert boots, and Jodhpur boots with a characteristic closure featuring a strap and buckle. Many boots are equipped with a rubber sole for extra grip during winter and to protect the leather sole from moisture.

Chelsea Boots

Distinctive for their ankle length, round toe, and low heel, Chelsea boots boast a unique charm. Characterized by the absence of lacing, the back quarters are sewn on the sides to attach to the vamp, featuring loops for effortless wear. The flexible stretch, covering 3/4 of the ankle and often in a contrasting color, adds to their appeal. Renowned for their ease of wear and understated elegance, Chelsea boots are crafted from box calf leather or suede. They effortlessly complement casual suits and outfits, making them a popular choice for out-of-office days.


Drivers, also referred to as moccasins, are heavily influenced by the classic moccasins shoes. Moccasin shoes have no heels, no soles and they are made out of one piece of leather which is then reinforced with another small piece of leather for the top piece and stitch with a handmade seam. Today moccasins feature a double sole which makes them more durable. Drivers are soft on the sole and are pebbled with rubber nubs to help the shoes last longer which provides the optimal softness and sensitivity needed when driving. Drivers are unstructured and have no toe cap or heel cap and are therefore not appropriate to walk around but ideal for long car rides.
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